Ditte Isager

Once I saw an interview of a musician that made up his mind about not listening to other music. He said to truly keep his music 100% his style and pure, he didn’t want any other music to influence his. Many photographers strive to create their own style, their own voice. Though I doubt it will be possible to totally block all images/photos from your eyes to keep your style 100% yours and be unaffected by external influences. Everywhere you go, especially cities like NYC, you’re pretty much overwhelmed by images.

I first saw Ditte Isager’s photos when I was randomly flipping through Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook “Cooking for Friends.” Like many people, I quickly fell in love with her photos and her style. Simple but there is also something magical about it. Ditte Isager is someone that has totally found her own style and I admire her for that.

Ditte Isager

Q. Can you tell me what you’re trying to capture when you take your food photos?
A. A beautiful picture, to enjoy and inspire.

Q. What inspires you?
A. People I work with, old master and daylight.

Q. I read in an interview you did on Nordic Design that you described your style as Nordic. What is Nordic style?
A. Nordic style is in my eyes simplicity, the use of daylight and clear colors. Simple but beautiful.

Q. Have your style changed since you moved to NYC?
A. No, I think it is very important to stay true to your style. New York is an amazing place, with so much drive, so much power. You need to stay true to your believes and instinct living and working in this city….

Q. Do you approach food photos differently than non-food photos?
A. No, its all about the composition, tones, shadow and light.

Q. Have you always been interested in photography?
A. Always, starting up with my dad and his old Pentax in the basement, moving on to photographer school in Copenhagen Denmark.

Q. Any food photography heroes? If not any photography heroes?
A. Sally Mann and the great Irving Penn.

Q. Best meal so far in 2011?
A. I always enjoyed eating at Noma, of course. But every year my family have a feast around midsummer where we BBQ a whole lamb. It’s the best meal, it’s summer, all family together everybody are happy. I love it.

All photos courtesy of Ditte Isager
Ditte Isager

Ditte Isager

Ditte Isager

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