Nicole Franzen

Just reading Nicole Franzen’s “About Me” page is making me want to travel to Argentina as soon as possible. But since I don’t have the funds I’ll just have to see Argentina through her lens.

It’s always nice to feature and meet another Brooklyn based photographer because it’s great seeing the city you’re living in from another point of view (random thought, maybe fun to get all the Brooklyn based photogs I have featured here for a fun gathering?!) What’s also great is that you get good tips about things like where to get good fish tacos! I’ve been hunting for good ones in the city for a while, apparently I have to go to the beach.

Oh and I had no idea you can make iced chamomile tea like this!

Nicole Franzen

Q. Can you tell me what you’re trying to capture when you take your food photos?
A. I try to create moments, ones that people can relate to and are pleasing to the eyes. I like to keep things simple and real. Fresh, colorful and alive. I love how vibrant vegetables are, we have a love affair.

Q. What made you pick up a camera and decided to be a food photographer?
A. Well I have always had a camera in my hand. Even more so when I bought my first DSLR about 4 years ago. Ever since then I’ve been taking photos weekly if not daily. I have worked in restaurants for 12 years, and been obsessed with cooking/food since as early as I can remember. When I first started taking photos I was doing mostly lifestyle and people. Lot’s of photos of friends, nightlife and adventures. But as time went on I asked myself why not shoot food? You’re obsessed with it and its your life, maybe you should combine both your passions? So I gradually started teaching myself, cooking the food that I always ate and photographing it. And over time it just started working for me. I have found my niche. Capturing food environments is definitely what I like most.

Q. What inspires you as a photographer?
A. The seasons, I am a big fan of spring and summer. I love the warmth, the light, the food, the energy, and the rich colors. I am inspired by nature and design. I love and like to combine interior design, architecture and the outdoors. I get the most excited when I actually step foot in either a farm or farmer’s market. Something about all the fresh veggies, hard to explain. Flowers, produce and people who work honest jobs with passion. I am a sucker for it. Travel is also a huge inspiration and seeing new places. The ocean is also very close to my heart.

Q. Any food photography heroes? If not any photography heroes?
A. I have lot’s of love for my fellow photogs. They inspire me and push me to get better. Fine art food photographers I like to think of them as, like Ditte Isager, Gentl and Hyers, Mikkel Vang and John Cullen. They “wow” me and are extremely talented. I also have a ton of food photographers/bloggers that I adore. You can see a list of them on my blog.

Q. Best bite in Argentina?
A. While I was living in Argentina I wasn’t a vegetarian. So my opinions would be altered from how I feel now, as opposed to then. But I will talk about when I was living there and what I enjoyed eating. I loved getting a fabulous steak and smothering it in chimichurri. I would eat that with fries and a super fresh salad which you could choose the ingredients. Simple modest food but it was so fresh that I literally have such fond memories of something as simple as a tomato. I would eat a ton of pizza and empanadas. The pizza there is literally so much better then New York or any where else I have been. Napolitana to be exact, so so good. I loved the empanadas, jamon y queso (ham & cheese), caprese (tomato, basil & mozzarella) and one of my all time favs was apio y roquefort (celery & blue cheese) I am drooling now haha. The coffee is also great, cafe con leche. I drank yerba mate as well and grew quite fond of the ritual with friends. How can I forget the amazing gelato, dulce de leche and alfajores. YUM.

Q. Best meal so far in 2011?
A. I cook most of the time. Mainly because most of the time when I eat out I feel disappointed and I think to myself that I could of made that at home cheaper and it would of tasted better. When I eat out it’s to places that aren’t usually that high end. I like to keep it real. I grab lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster and eat arepas from Caracas. I will grab a bowl of Thai mussels from Five Leaves and their ridiculous ricotta pancakes. I love eating at the Brooklyn Flea vendors. When we do eat out somewhere nice its usually a fabulous lunch at Gramercy Tavern. The food is always fantastic and I love working with them.

Q. Read in your blog that your favorite fish tacos are from Rockaway Taco, but any good ones in the city or Brooklyn?
A. Rockaway Taco is seriously one of the best Baha style fish tacos I have ever tasted. I have tried handfuls of different places throughout the city, and in Mexico. Where we were staying in Mexico it was mostly ceviche and whole grilled fish. I don’t think they were as obsessed with fish tacos as maybe the Pacific coast is? We didn’t find anything amazing, is I guess what I am saying. I love the energy of Rockaway Taco and the ingredients are super fresh and the flavors are spot on. I still have yet to be wowed like that in the city. Pinche Taqueria is actually really good too, just thought of them.

All photos courtesy of Nicole Franzen of La Buena Vida
Nicole Franzen

Nicole Franzen

Nicole Franzen

Nicole Franzen

Nicole Franzen

8 thoughts on “Nicole Franzen

  1. nicole is awesome!
    and for not being a professional food stylist, she does so well with what she has.
    i also need her to teach me some cooking 😛


  2. O, I love your site and Nicole’s too. Thanks for a great interview with one of my favorite bloggers and food photographers. It is really amazing to get to know better such an inspiring person as Nicole.
    Thanks a lot once again!


  3. I love Nicole’s work… Her photos are amazing, and her recipes looks delicious…
    thank you for this site, with all this amazing food photographers work.


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