Jennifer Causey

I quickly became a fan of Jennifer Causey’s breakfast photos from her blog, Simply Breakfast, when I accidentally found her through Twitter. Her photos are simple and delicious looking. What’s also awesome is that she has a photo blog, Simply Photo, with more beautiful food photos. It’s also great to see people shooting with film.

Jen Causey

Q. Can you tell me what you’re trying to capture when you take your food photos?
A. I am trying to capture the beauty of real food in natural lighting. I am also trying to show the emotion you feel when eating or gathering around food with friends and the memories it can evoke.

Q. Can you explain your thought process when you take photos? Do you think differently when you take your breakfast photos or weddings or photos for your photo blog?
A. Although they are all different situations, I think I approach the photos in the same way. I am always trying to capture a beautiful moment.

Q. You’ve been documenting your breakfast since March 2007, that’s a lot of breakfast photos! What made you start this project and I’m guessing breakfast is your favorite meal?
A. Yes, breakfast is my favorite meal. When I started the blog, I was new to cooking exploration and I think breakfast was the easiest way for me to try new recipes. I started the blog as a way to start off with a bit of creativity every day.

Q. I noticed from your Simply Photos blog that you’ve been shooting film, how does it feel to shoot film?
A. Shooting film feels amazing. To me, I am able to express emotions through film that do not come across with digital. When I take a photo, looking at the light, I feel a certain something. I love getting back my film photos and experiencing that feeling all over again. It is nice in our world of instant gratification, to take a step back and wait and be surprised.

Q. Do you have any food photography heroes?
A. Gentl and Hyers, Mikkel Vang, and Laura Letinsky.

All photos courtesy of Jennifer Causey from Simply Breakfast. Make sure to also check out her Simply Photo blog!
Jen Causey

Jen Causey

Jen Causey

Jen Causey

Jen Causey


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