Dylan Ho

I don’t remember how I found Dylan Ho’s website and this was couple years ago but I’m super glad I did. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a good part of my entire life but it was Dylan that showed me another side of LA that I had no idea existed. All the glorious glorious street food. I just love how he writes, like a story instead of a generic here’s what I thought blog post. And his photos are pretty damn amazing. Everytime I go to his site it makes want to travel the world and eat it!
Thanks again to Dylan Ho for letting me feature him!

Dylan HoDylan Ho

Me: What are you trying to capture when you take your food photos or photos in general?
Dylan: I try my best to recreate mood. Was it an exciting meal? Was it somewhat dry and solemn? I think my photos come alive the most when my wife and I are traveling – when we’re out of our realm and forced to shoot things in raw form, not interfering with their pace of life. The best photos are the ones that have not been adulterated by styling or excessive post-processing. I also like to photograph people, staff and interior to let the reader get a complete picture.

Me: I know you have been to many places (Hawaii, Vietnam..etc) which place was the most fun to photograph? Do you have a dream city/place that you want to go eat at one day?
Dylan: As of now, I enjoyed shooting Portland and Cambodia/Laos the most. The weather in Portland is either rainy or overcast and that’s my favorite time to shoot – shadows are softer, the light is cooler and the mood is there. Dream city to shoot… we’re currently working out a trip on the Silk Road – all the way to Turkey. Dream city to eat… Spain and Singapore.

Me: I know you have met Anthony Bourdain and shared a taco crawl with Roy Choi of KogiBBQ, are there any other things that happened to you that was just “WOW can’t believe that just happened.”
Dylan: Not so much with people I’ve eaten with but more so the things I’ve eaten and where I ate them. I love to eat with the locals and on the street. I’ll never forget eating a bowl of pho at 6 am with locals staring at me the whole time. Same thing happened in Cambodia where the diners looked like they were going to jump me.

Me: Where, in your mind, is the best place for a buche taco and Thai soup noodles?
Dylan: For buche tacos, anything in Highland Park will be good. For Thai soup noodles, I enjoy Pa Ord.

Dylan Ho of Eat Drink & Be Merry
Dylan HoDylan Ho
Dylan HoDylan Ho
Dylan HoDylan Ho


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